Here at East Coast Tattoo & Body Piercing we try to make each clients experience, friendly, fun and enjoyable. However, getting a new piercing shouldn't be taken lightly.  Each client is pierced with a top of the line surgical stainless steel piece of jewelry with a very low nickel count. If you have an allergy to nickel, we can offer titanium jewelry so everyone can enjoy getting pierced. Each client gets a sterile single use set up making sure there is no risk of possible infections or cross contamination during the piercing procedure.  Once you leave, it is your responsibility to follow the aftercare giving to you to make sure that your piercing continues to heal properly.  We take piercing very seriously and offer our clients only the best to ensure their safety, and ours.     
East Coast offers all the basic piercings; eyebrows, tongue, navel, nostril,  from ear piercings to more extreme piercings such as genitals, surface piercings, dermals, etc.      

​​To speak to one of our piercers,  make an appointment or schedule a consultation, feel free to call us at:
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ices will top off your excellent experience.

Hello im JESS the piercer/tattoo artist at East
​​coast tattooing and body
​​piercing. I have been piercing
​​for 4 years and tattooing for a few years   In Mass an since moving to east coast and
meeting all new people it has been
a great experience.​​​
​​​Giving the best quality I can in
​​my work, jewelry ,and being fully
sterile as possible is my ​​goal.
Keeping my customers happy and comfortable is a MUST. I take my profession very seriously
Every person that comes to me for any body piercings are more then just a customer/client you are family. It is my job to keep everything just the way you want it.​ All jewelry is implant grade surgical steel an for anyone with more sensitive skin we have solid implant grade titanium jewelry. Aftercare is fully explained after the piercing is done.
I am always more than happy to answer any questions you might have.​​