General Piercing Aftercare...

What you will need:
Dial Liquid Anti-Bacterial Soap
Preservative-Free Sterile Spray Saline Solution "Wound Wash Saline"
Cotton Swabs "Q-Tips"

Always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before touching your piercing at anytime during the healing process. For at least 2 of 3 months you should only touch your piercing when your cleaning it.

After washing your hands, spray a small amount of saline onto your piercing let the saline soak for about 30 seconds to soften any scabby matter that may have built up on and around the piercing.
Next, take one cotton swab and moisten it with saline, use this to gently brush away softened scabby matter.
Make sure that you have thoroughly removed scabby matter from piercing and jewelry.
Get your hands wet in the sink, apply one drop of Dial anti-bacterial soap to one hand then rub hands together until you havea soft filmy, aplly lather to piercing and area around it.
Let lather sit for 30 seconds. To rinse, lean over sink or bath tub and spray saline directly on and around the piercing, about half was through rinsing, hold jewelry and while still spraying saline move jewelry up and down or side to side.
Continue to wait until just before you get out, the way you can clean out any shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, etc. Allow your piercing to air-dry.
Do this twice per day, once in the morning and once at night
Unless a doctor has instructed you to do so.

When it is OK to change your jewelry will depend on how well the healing has progressed NOT by the amount of time that has passed.
Oral Piercing Aftercare...

What you will need:
Biotene Mouthwash, if you cannont find biotene, use Crest Pro-Health alcohol free
Crushed Ice, lots of crushed ice
Ibuprofen - Motrin IB or Advil

Rinse with Biotene after EVERYTHING you eat, smoke or drink other than bottled water or crushed ice. Take Ibuprofin when you NEED to, dont take more than the suggested dosage on the container, you also may want to eat before taking as Ibuprofen can be strong on the stomach. Chew on crushed ise as often as possible to reduce swelling.

Eat soft foods like mashed patatoes, aplle sauce or soups although anything hot, let it cool before you eat or drink. Cut down on Dairy products such as milk, chees, ice cream and eggs, these contain bacteria that could be harmful to your piercing, No yogurt for at least six weeks. No breads that contain a high amount of yeast for at least 8 weeks, if you have any bread, it must be flat bread like tortillas, wraps, pita etc.

No alcohol for at least 6 weeks, alcohol can prolong the healing process and can make the piercing more vulnerable to tearing. NO BEER for at least 8 weeks, beer contains yeast.

Sleep with an estra pillow under you head, this will elevate the piercing and reduce some of the swelling that occurs while your asleep.

Speak as little as possible, only when necessary. The more you move your piercing, the more your piercing can swell and swelling can last longer.

Keep your tongue in your mouth, dont stick it out to look at it, or to show others. Pulling your tongue back in could result in chipping teeth or tearing your tongue. Keep your tongue to yourself, no open mouth, tongue kissing or anything beyond that, avoid contact with bodily fluids of other people.